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Teague Goodvoice & Neveah Killsnight with Dylan Running Crane at the ZACC

Teague Goodvoice & Neveah Killsnight with Dylan Running Crane at the ZACC
Teague Goodvoice & Neveah Killsnight with Dylan Running Crane at the ZACC in Missoula Thursday at 7:30 pm

March 21 @ 7:30 pm

Doors @ 7:00 pm

$10 $15 – $20 Artist Supporter Ticket

Experience the captivating artistry of two talented Native American musicians in an intimate concert setting. Neveah Killsnight, a skilled violinist, and Teague GoodVoice, a master of the Native American flute, come together to offer you a night of serene and enchanting melodies.

Neveah’s violin melodies gently embrace you with their emotional depth, seamlessly blending traditional Native American tunes with a contemporary twist. Her music reflects her profound connection to her heritage and will transport you to a place of reflection and serenity. Teague’s Native American flute playing is a soul-soothing experience. His hauntingly beautiful notes evoke the spirit of nature, whispering tales of ancient wisdom and culture. His music invites you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the tranquil sounds of the natural world. Together, Neveah Killsnight and Teague GoodVoice create an atmosphere of calm and introspection. Join us for an evening of music that transcends boundaries and brings you closer to the cultural richness of Native American traditions. It’s a concert that will leave you feeling serene and connected.

Born in Missoula, and growing up on the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana riding horses and swimming in the clear glacier water, TEAGUE GOODVOICE draws some of his inspiration from his traditional Pikuni (Blackfeet) upbringing on the Rez. The rest of his inspiration comes from performing in Europe dancing and sharing his culture in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Scotland, and Ireland. He picked up the flute in May 2020 and started his musical journey downtown Missoula playing outside by himself or with other musicians of any genre. This has led him to acting, producing in movies and composing music for film. His music is described as ethereal and soulful, and his connection from his heart through his flute is felt in listeners’ souls.

NEVEAH KILLSNIGHT is one of the brightest young musicians in Montana. She earned a spot as a violist for the Billings Symphony during her junior year in high school. Her future is bright. She recently applied to the prestigious Interlochen School for the Arts, and has aspirations of teaching, with a focus specifically on people with her Native American heritage.

Dylan Running Crane is a singer-songwriter from Browning, Montana, a place that remains the subject of most of her work. Her vibe is country meets rez-folk meets tender and silly. Check out her work with Cry Baby – https://crybabymissoula.bandcamp.com/track/missoula

All tickets are general admission. Artist Supporter Tickets are a way for patrons to provide more financial support to performers.

For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit https://www.zootownarts.org/meet-the-zacc/about/

216 W. Main Street
Missoula, Montana 598802 United States
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