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Pattee Canyon Hill Climb

Pattee Canyon Hill Climb, Pattee Canyon Road, Missoula, Montana
Missoula’s legendary annual unofficial bragging-rights-for-nothing-but-fun challenge, the Pattee Canyon Hill Climb is on like Donkey Kong between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Sunday, October 8 up Pattee Canyon Road

October 8 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

We’re back, binches. Same ol’, same ol’, with the addition of Uphill Cup folks battling for year-round cardiovascular supremacy. However, as many of you know, we at the PCHC committee value panache over fitness every damned time. As always, shout out to the OGs and the Western Montana Hill Climb Championships, iykyk.

Sunday, October 8th from 8am to 5pm it’s the Pattee Canyon Hill Climb. Take pics and use the #R1K hashtag in the Instagram or post in the event discussion for chances at killer prizes that are 100% real. Think panache, speed, slow, style, beers consumed, hardboiled eggs eaten, worst bike, lantern rouge, whatever the eff we feel like giving prizes for. Missoula’s premier cycling and lifestyle club, Rattlesnake 1000, will be on hand at the finish from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm-ish with a bevy of delights.

JOIN THE STRAVA CLUB AS THAT IS THE ONLY WE CAN KEEP TRACK OF TIMES (LINK BELOW). Don’t use Strava? Cool, nobody cares, do something else on the 8th.

Below are the basics:

We will use Strava to collect times over a nine hour period and TRUST YOU to follow The Rulez:
1. The Route: https://www.strava.com/segments/8291691. Veer left at the top of the climb!! This link is the race course, but we ask that you start from Takima Drive. with your front wheel beside the sewer grate near the stop sign, then take a right onto Pattee. This is a small safety thing. Start your ride when there is no uphill traffic, please.
2. No rolling starts. Clip in at the aforementioned spot on Takima and give ‘er heck.
3. No drafting. If we find out about you drafting, it will be hella embarrassing for you and your family, trust us. If you do decide to ride the course with a crew (yes!), please space yourselves about one minute apart.
4. You get one chance. No multiple runs. If you end up riding up again for some reason, we will use your first run time, or just take the right into the top Pattee parking lot so Strava won’t record the PCHC course segment.
5. Join the Strava club as this is how we will keep track of you and know that you are taking part in the PCHC: https://www.strava.com/clubs/552437
Be careful, be smart, and blow your f’n lungs out! It’s gonna be a beauty.

204 Takima Drive
Missoula, Montana 59803 United States
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