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“The Art of Survival Native American Tools & Techniques” Movie Premiere & Presentation at the ZACC

"The Art of Survival Native American Tools & Techniques" Movie Premiere & Presentation at the ZACC
“The Art of Survival Native American Tools & Techniques” Movie Premiere & Presentation at the ZACC in Missoula Sunday at 7:30 pm

January 21 @ 7:30 pm

Doors @ 7:00 pm

$10 $15-$20 Artist Supporter

The Art of Survival film screening with Q&A promises a captivating exploration of Native American heritage before the arrival of colonists. Join us for the premiere of “The Art of Survival: Native American Tools and Techniques”, a live documentary directed and composed by Buck Hitswithastick, a Bitterroot Salish cultural specialist, Native arts instructor, and motivational speaker. This unique cinematic experience unfolds the resourceful ways Native Americans crafted tools, cooked using natural techniques, and thrived in their environment. Delve into the rich history, customs, and enduring legacy of American Indians in this educational and enlightening journey.

Buck is a lifelong student of Northwestern Native American peoples, with a focus on the Bitterroot Salish of western Montana. Starting his journey with solo camping and survival under the Big Sky, Buck sought mentors to deepen his understanding of traditional arts and tribal history. He attended Salish Kootenai College (SKC) and various conferences, becoming a certified basket weaver by the Montana Arts Council. With over 30 years of cultural immersion, language, and wilderness experience, Buck shares his knowledge through motivational speaking, presentations on wellness and history, and teaching traditional arts. His expertise extends to pre-colonial contact tool making, Native regalia, dance, “up-cycling,” and warriorship, all demonstrated interactively in sessions that complement the themes of the film.

“The Art of Survival: Native American Tools and Techniques” invites you to witness the ingenious ways Native Americans crafted tools and lived off the land before the arrival of settlers. Directed by Buck Hitswithastick and produced by Hitswithastick Productions in collaboration with the Montana Arts Council, this two-hour documentary showcases hands-on demonstrations and expert commentary. From stone, bone, and wood tools to cooking techniques without pots, the film takes you on a seasonal journey, offering a profound understanding of Native American culture. Join us on this educational adventure and gain a deeper appreciation for the amazing ingenuity of American Indians.

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216 W. Main Street
Missoula, Montana 598802 United States
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